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Hero Retreat

Room for Heroes and Superheroes alike. No villians. Respect all visitors, moderators and owner. Tags- Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Flash, Ironman, Marvel, DC

Tifa's 7th Heaven

Final Fantasy fans! Come one, come all! Respect the visitors, owner, and moderators. Respect the rules as well! NFZ, NKZ -- Tifa, ff7, Cloud, Marlene, Barret, Midgar, Avalanche


Lantian City - Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis, Control Room w/ view of full city and ocean. Respect all visitors in room. Do as Moderators ask. -- Note: This is the Atlantis from Stargate Atlantis only, not Little Mermaid or Aquaman

Pokémon Beach Sanctuary

Rules posted on signs in room. New visitors may be tested on Pokemon knowledge. Liars booted. No Avi parking allowed. Respect all visitors and rules


Public Rooms

Hero Retreat - Tifa's 7th Heaven
Lantian City - Atlantis - Pokémon Beach Sanctuary
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