Creator Guidelines/Restrictions

Allowed on this will be the links to pages for products by other developers on IMVU to use to advertise their own products. Below are important things to remember.

  1. AP-Rated products permitted, provided the postings meet the following guidelines:
    1. Products Images may not show nudity, sexuality/sensuality, foul language, violence or blood.
    2. Description of said AP-Product is allowed (short only) but I will not see pictures of said product in any more if it contains nudity, actus of sexuality/sensuality, foul language, violence or blood.
  2. GA/AP products can not be posted on this Wikia anywhere if it contains acts of bullying, hate crimes, prejudice, racism, sexism, foul language, or anything else viewed as illegal by United States standards.
  3. The most important thing to remember, if the product violates any of the terms above, and you post it anywhere, that description/page will be deleted.
  4. Also, I am notified to every change on my Wikia. Postings of new products I will also check the product page and if there are several bad reviews/feedback, that product link/description will be removed from my wikia.
  5. Finally, This page here is only for providing links to product listings for each developer. The only thing I want to see here is Developer's names that link to pages to categorize their products if they want to do more than one page or to a single page that lists all their products uncategorized.

Developer Listings

Enter your account name, bulleted list format only with your name as a link to a separate wikia page. Below is an example. My account names are links to wikia pages, but the "IMVU Catalog" links are to each account's web-based catalog on IMVU's website.