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The primary purpose of this FANDOM is for me to practice coding... Nothing more, nothing less. Please do not mess with the pages. Do not add images or alter anything. Not without my expressed permission.

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No solicitation of any kind.

Inappropriate images are not permitted and will be removed at my earliest convenience and the uploader blocked without warning. That said, as I do have other duties outside of this that are of a higher priority than my coding, If an image is witnessed that offends someone before I can get to deleting it, I can not and will not be held responsible. And seeing that my FANDOM is not set up to be searchable in any search engine, I am not too concerned about offensive images offending anyone. But this does not change that if I deem any images inappropriate, they will be removed on the spot... Best to just not upload anything as I am very particular about the images uploaded, offensive or otherwise.

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