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Products and public rooms which have been posted/submitted by IMVU Developers DarienLeonhart & MikelLeonhart. Also included may be postings by other IMVU users who own public rooms and/or are product creators.

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This Wikia will be used by me to post links to my various products and information with pictures about my public rooms on IMVU. I will also be storing my source files (images and audio alike) on this wikia.

Other public room owners and IMVU creators may post their public rooms and/or products should they choose, Wikia account required to do so.

Not permitted is any form of solicitation that isn't Public Rooms or IMVU Catalog Products. I do not want to see images or attempts at selling IMVU credits or offers of illegally free credits or anything else. My wikia is not IMVU and I will not support solicitation of that variety. This includes the advertising of porn sites, adult webcam sites, adult photo sites or anything else of the variety. I also do not want to see public rooms or products posted that indicate racism, hate, drug use, pornography or anything that is viewed as illegal by United States standards. If you're not sure, don't post it, or contact me with the link for said product or public room and I will check it out and get back to you.

Access pass products are permitted, but if you're going to put up pictures like I have for my products, They may not contain nudity, drug use or smoking paraphernalia. And the product must be specified as Access Pass, because while non-AP users on IMVU viewing my Wikia can see the images, and links of an AP-rated product, they won't be able to see the product itself on IMVU"s website or chat client.

To post anything specified in the above paragraphs of what may not be posted will be immediately removed and the poster warned. Repeat violations of this will get that poster denied access to my Wikia. Posting AP-rated products or rooms without specifying the AP nature of the room or product will get the access pass warning added and the poster warned to not overlook this. Ignore this fact with repeat postings without AP-notification as needed will get all AP-items by that poster removed and the poster removed from my Wikia.

Please enjoy looking over my Wikia. My Wikia pages are undergoing various changes and many of my pages may be changed or deleted without notice.

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