Audio from the classic game of Final Fantasy VII. All clips are limited to twenty seconds each per IMVU's audio restrictions.

Trigger List

Trigger Description Audio File
aeristheme Aerith's Theme
Aerith's Theme2
aeriththeme Aerith's Theme
Aerith's Theme2
attackweapon Attack of the Weapon No File
barrettheme Barret's Theme
Barret's Theme2
battlesbegin Let the Battles Begin "Those Who Fight" No File
birthgod Birth of a God No File
bombingmission Opening - Bombing Mission No File
buriedinsnow Buried in Snow No File
caitsiththeme Cait Sith's Theme
Cait Sith's Theme3
chosenbyplanet Those Chosen by the Planet
Those Chosen by the Planet
cincodechocobo Cinco de Chocobo No File
cosmocanyon Cosmo Canyon No File
costadelsol Costa Del Sol No File
countdown Countdown No File
crazymotorcycle Crazy Motorcycle No File
criesplanet Listen to the Cries of the Planet No File
dearheart Dear to the Heart No File
descendantshinobi Descendant of Shinobi
Descendant of Shinobi
desertwasteland Desert Wasteland No File
difficulttostand It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet No File
donslums Don of the Slums No File
dreamintospace Launching a Dream into Space No File
edgeofdespair From the Edge of Despair No File
electricdechocobo Electric de Chocobo No File
farmboy Farm Boy No File
ff7cidtheme Cid's Theme
Cid's Theme2
ff7continue Continue/Game Over No File
ff7debut Debut No File
ff7fanfare Victory Fanfare No File
ff7goodnight Good Night, Until Tomorrow No File
ff7hurry Hurry! No File
ff7hurryup Hurry Up! No File
ff7lifestream Lifestream No File
ff7maintheme Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII No File
ff7onourway On Our Way No File
ff7prelude The Prelude No File
ff7reunion Reunion No File
ff7staffroll Staff Roll No File
fiddledechocobo Fiddle de Chocobo No File
fighton Fight On "Those Who Fight Further" No File
fireworks Words Drowned by Fireworks No File
fiveyearsago On That Day, 5 Years Ago No File
flowersblooming Flowers Blooming in the Church No File
forestedtemple Forested Temple No File
fortcondor Fort Condor No File
fullscaleassault Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Assault No File
goldsaucer Gold Saucer No File
greatwarrior The Great Warrior No File
heartofanxiety Heart of Anxiety "Anxious Heart" No File
highwindskies The Highwind Takes to the Skies No File
honeybeeinn Honey Bee Inn No File
infiltratingshinra Infiltrating Shin-Ra No File
jackpot Jackpot! No File
jenova JENOVA No File
jenovaabsolute JENOVA Absolute No File
judgementday Judgement Day No File
lurkingdarkness Lurking in the Darkness No File
makocannon Mako Cannon - The Destruction of Shinra No File
makoreactor Mako Reactor No File
maninblack In Searfch of the Man in Black No File
marktraitor Mark of a Traitor No File
miningtown Mining Town No File
nanakitheme Red XIII's Theme
Red XIII's Theme2
nightmarebegins The Nightmare Begins
The Nightmare Begins
northcave The North Cave No File
openheart Open Your Heart No File
oppressed The Oppressed No File
planetscrisis The Planet's Crisis No File
provincialtown Provincial Town No File
racingchocobos Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets No File
red13theme Red XIII's Theme
Red XIII's Theme2
redxiiitheme Red XIII's Theme
Red XIII's Theme2
rottingpizza Under the Rotting Pizza No File
rufusceremony Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony No File
secretdeepsea Secret of the Deep Sea No File
shinracompany Shin-ra Company No File
sidemountain Other Side of the Mountain No File
stolenmateria Stolen Materia No File
tangotears Tango of Tears No File
thosewhofight Those Who Fight No File
tifastheme Tifa's Theme No File
tinybronco Steal the Tiny Bronco No File
trailofblood Trail of Blood No File
turkstheme Turks' Theme No File
waltzdechocobo Waltz de Chocobo No File
welcome Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony No File
whoami Who... Am I? No File
whoareyou Who... Are You? No File
wingedangel One Winged Angel No File
wutai Wutai No File