Triggers Song Title, "Alternate Title"
alohachocobo Aloha de Chocobo
amaranttheme Amarant's Theme
ancienttree Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life, "Iifa Tree"
anothernightmare Another Nightmare, "Return of the Evil Mist"
beforealtar Before the Altar
behinddoor Behind the Door
beyondtwilight Beyond the Twilight
blackmagevillage Black Mage Village
blackwaltz The Black Waltz
branbal Bran Bal, the Soulless Village
chamberfaces Chamber of a Thousand Faces
citysiege City Under Siege
cleyrasettlement Cleyra Settlement
cleyratrunk Cleyra's Trunk
condepetie Conde Petie, "Conde Petie the Windy Mountain Village"
courtjesters Court Jesters
crystalworld Crystal World
dangerforest Danger in the Forest
darkcitytreno Dark City Treno, "Sleepless City Treno"
darknesseternity Darkness of Eternity, "Envoy to Destruction"
devilambition Devil's Ambition
distantmemory Distant Memory
eidolonwall Eidolon Wall
eikotheme Eiko's Theme
estogaza Esto Gaza, "Esto Gaza, the Sacred Grounds"
eternalharvest Eternal Harvest
evilwithin The Evil Within
eyetoeye Eye to Eye
faeriebattle Faerie Battle
fatefulhour The Fateful Hour
feelmyblade Swords of Fury
festivalhunt Festival of the Hunt
ffixbattle1 Battle 1
ffixbattle2 Battle 2
ffixextraction The Extraction
ffixfanfare Fanfare
ffixfinalbattle The Final Battle
ffixgameover Game Over
ffixguardians Guardians
ffixmeeting The Meeting, "Strategy Meeting"
ffixmemoria Memoria, "Place of Memory"
ffixoutlaws Outlaws
ffixpandemonium Pandemonium, "Pandemonium, the Castle Frozen in Time"
ffixprelude Prelude
ffixrun RUN!
ffixterra Terra

Find the Princess, "Decisive Action - Searching for the Princess

fleetinglife Fleeting Life, "Limited Time"
fossilroo Fossil Roo
fourmirrors The Four Mirrors
freyatheme Freya's Theme
fryingpan Out of the Frying Pan
garganroo Gargan Roo, "Gargan Roo, the Road of the Ancient Roots"
garnettheme Garnet's Theme
hermitlibrary Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library

Aboard the Hilda Garde, "The Airship Hilda Garde"

icecavern Ice Cavern
immoralmelody Wicked Melody
inseparablehearts Inseparable Hearts
ipsencastle Ipsen's Castle
kissbetrayal Kiss of Betrayal
kujatheme Kuja's Theme
lightdestiny Light of Destiny, "The Summoned"
lindblum Lindblum
lookseefrog Look Back, See the Frog
loveletter Foolproof Love Letter Scheme
madainsari Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners, "Madain Sari, the Ruins"
mastertime Master of Time
melodiesenglish Melodies of Life, English
melodiesjapanese Melodies of Life, Japanese
memorieserased Memories Erased by a Storm
moogletheme Moogle's Theme
mountgulug Mount Gulug, "Gulug Volcano"
mourningsky Mourning in the Sky
notalone Not Alone
oeilvert Oeilvert
overhill Over the Hill
placecallhome A Place to Call Home, A Place to Return to Someday"
primavista Prima Vista Orchestra
quinatheme Quina's Theme
qumarsh Qu's Marsh
rosemay Roses of May
silverdragon Silver Dragon, "Assault of the Silver Dragons"
skynightalexandria Sky of Alexandria (Night of Alexandria)
somethingprotect Something to Protect
songmemory A Song From Her Memory, "Song of Memories"
southgate South Gate, "South Gate at the Border"
spellhearts Broken Spell, Healed Hearts
starcrossedlovers Star-crossed Lovers, "Bittersweet Romance"
steinerdelusion Steiner's Delusion
steinertheme Steiner's Theme
sweetdreams Sweet Dreams
swordsfury Swords of Fury
tantalustheme Tantalus' Theme
tetramaster Tetra Master, "Quad Mist"
thywarmth Thy Warmth
tragiclove Tragic Love
ukulelechocobo Ukulele de Chocobo
unforgettablesilhouette Unforgettable Silhouette
unforgettablesorrow Unforgettable Sorrow, "Endless Sorrow"
unrequitedlove Unrequited Love
vamoflamenco Vamo Alla Flamenco
villagedali Village of Dali, "Dali, the Border Village"
vivitheme Vivi's Theme
wantcanary I Want to be Your Canary
waveringblade The Wavering Blade
zidanetheme Zidane's Theme