Songs from Dirge of Cerberus FFVII. Audio files limited to 20 seconds per IMVU's audio limitations.

Trigger List

Triggers Description/Song Title
10yrreunion Ten Year Reunion
abhorrencewhirls Abhorrence Whirls
armsshinra Fight Tune "Arms of Shinra"
azulcerulean Azul the Cerulean
chaoticend Chaotic End
counteroffensive Counteroffensive
crimsonimpact Fight Tune "Crimson Impact"
darkness Darkness
deathrebirth Death and Rebirth
deepdarkness Deep Darknes of Shinra
discoverysadness Discovery in Sadness
docawakening Awakening
doccalmstorm Calm Before the Storm
doclifestream Lifestream
docprologue Prologue of Dirge of Cerberus
everyoneshelp Everyone's Help
fearful Fearful Happening
finallyreborn Finally Reborn
flicker Flicker
forgottentears Forgotten Tears
fragmentmemory Fragment of Memory
fullmoon Under A Full Moon
girlshelke Fight Tune "Girl Named Shelke"
highspirited High-Spirited
hopefuture Hope of the Future
immaculate Fight Tune "The Immaculate"
lastsnd The Last SND
longing Longing
lucreciacrescent Lucrecia Crescent
marchingtune Marching Tune
marchingtune0 Marching Tune #0
memorieslucrecia Memories with Lucrecia
messengerdark Fight Tune "Messenger of the Dark"
mysteriousninja Mysterious Ninja
ninjagirl Ninja Girl of Wutai
oneanother Fight Tune "Killing One Another"
proposal A Proposal
quickening Quickening
redemption Redemption
returnorigin Return to the Origin
returnsubject Return to the Subject
rossocrimson Rosso the Crimson
silentedge Silent Edge
sneakycait Sneaky Cait Sith
splintersadness Splinter of Sadness
suddenparting Sudden Parting
terminus Terminus
transformationchaos Transformation into Chaos
trespasser Trespasser
triggersituation Trigger Situation
undulation Undulation
uneasyfeelings Uneasy Feelings
wromarch WRO March