All audio triggers based on Crisis Core Final Fantasty VII, divided up into three separate products on IMVU.

Audio limited to twenty seconds per trigger due to limitations imposed by IMVU.

Trigger List

Triggers: Description/Song Title
agonymelody Anguish
ancienthymn An Ancient Hymn Sung by the Water
battlefield Chaotic Battlefield
blackwing A Beating Black Wing
burdened Burdened
burdentruth Burden of Truth
ccvictory Victory Fanfare
ccwhy Why
combat Combat
closedoff A Closed Off Village
conflict Conflict
courtesy A Moment of Courtesy
darksuits Dark Suits
desertion Escape into the Wasteland
desire Fulfilled Desire
dreamspride Dreams and Pride
dutyfriendship Duty and Friendship
encounter Encounter
farewell Farewell Melody
firstmission First Mission
flowerslums A Flower Blooming in the Slums
fragments Fragments of Memories
gloomymansion The Ominous Mansion
heartanxiety The Shrouded Village "Heart of Anxiety"
howlgathered Howling Abominations
ironbeast Controlling the Iron Beast
lostpride No Honor Remains
makocity Mako City
makocontrolling Mako Monopoly
marchfrontier March Through Harsh Terrain
missionstart Begin Mission
momentaryrest A Momentary Rest
moonlight Wandering Under the Moonlight
moonlitnight Vigilant Night
newpost New Assignment
preluderuin Prelude to Destruction
pricefreedom The Price of Freedom
protectionstars The Planet has Become my Guardian
resolutionmelody Resolution
scarsfriendship The Scars that Remain
seclusion Night of Seclusion
situation A Changing Situation
skyblue Eyes the Color of the Sky
skyscraper Pipes and Steel
soldierbattle The SOLDIER Way
successor Successor
summoned The Summoned
sunnyafternoon Roaming in the Afternoon Sun
tobecontinued To Be Continued
truthproject True Motives "Truth Behind the Project"
vergeassault Timely Ambush
withpride Protect Your Honor
worldsenemy Vengeance on the World